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Hello from Oz! I hope you’re all well. I’m a singer/songwriter with a rather weak voice, have joined KTVA to (hopefully) strengthen it. As I don’t have a lot of confidence I’m also pretty awkward to watch on stage so would like to work on engaging the audience better too. Thought I’d post a link on here with my songs on it for any feedback you might like to give (Moderators please delete if this is not allowed). I’ll give it a few months before posting any new songs to see how my voice changes now that I’ve started the course. My songs are at: https://www.reverbnation.com/jeddado
Thanks, I’m excited to be a part of this!


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    Hey there!

    All I can say is that you've come to the right place!
    Follow the course material to the best of your ability, and really take your time with it. Make sure you stay with Volume one for 3-4 months at least so you build a solid foundation, because if you don't you'll get killed on Volume 2 :wink:

    Treat it like you are preparing for a marathon:
    Volume one is conditioning
    Volume 2 is learning the mechanics of running
    Volume 3 is developing higher level technique and endurance.
    You can't scrimp or cut corners without compromising the end goal, so take your time and enjoy the ride..

    When it comes to engaging an audience, I find it helps to have a bit of a script to follow to introduce the songs (and the band)... that way you'll never fall flat, but are free to adlib when you feel comfortable enough.


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