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Hi Bob....Hope All is Still Going well for you mate. I have recorded a few songs over the last few days (have been working on a few things I felt I was getting wrong) and feel I am improving with my support when recording as well as a few other things.
Anyway I have posted 4 tunes here...Some tunes Ive done before and a few new ones....will post more in the coming days.
What you think?....A wee bit Better now?....Keep Safe Bob.
Cheers Tom

Ferry 'cross the Mersey

Johnny (FNC)

I Feel You

And a new tune I did...Stay with me


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    Sorry....Posted I Feel You twice....Try again..
    And a new tune I did...Stay with me

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    'Ferry Across The Mersey' is one of my favorites! Keep up the great work! I was beginning to think it was the original singer! Take a listen. Thanks, Scott

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    Cheers Scott. Great video....
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    Ferry: Nice tone, a few pitch owies; Johnny: You Rock on this one. Something on the Black Sabbath tune you also posted seemed like the pitch was hard to latch onto. Sounds like you're spending some quality time working your vocals.
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    I'll get better....I still get a bit thrown around a bit when recording with headphones on.....without them Im so much better. I must say I have to summon myself to do it!!!!......ha. By the way, I hope you are doing well my friend.....Keep truckin'....Tom
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    Always good to hear from you, Tom. I'm staying very busy these days, and doing well.
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    Hey Bob. Great to hear you are well mate. OK I have reposted some of the above tunes as well as Wildflower on here. I have also posted a few tunes Ive done before but have re=performed and mixed on another post.
    The ones I have reposted/done are 'Ferry'...tried to get a better performance here...'I feel you' again tried for a better performance as well as 'Wildflower'. Now just on 'Wildflower' I did the 'Wildflower' part a few different ways throughout the song....I also felt as a whole this may be better that the first one....its just that 'Wildflower' part (I know its just one flippin word) but it does get me a bit. Anyway here are the re-posts. As far as the Black Sabbath tune....Ill leave that for another time!
    Thanks Bob.


    I feel you


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    You Rock on Wildflower. Great tone. Better vowel usage on Wahld flah wah this time. Watch out for the Rrr on the end; ah is bettah!
    Feel You - Good job.
    Ferry: You're singing a G# that should be an A on the word "tone". On the bridge, I would suggest more "string of pearls" sustain. Otherwise, good job.

    I'm really liking your tone, and your support has improved a lot.
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    Cheers Bob. Thanks for listening to these tunes again. Just on another matter, What do you think of my mixes on all of these in general. Also, just so you know (I think you asked me this before) my recording setup is very simple. I use a $250.00 (or something) SE condenser microphone and an Avid solo...kinda 'All in one' preamp, closed back headphones (Sony) and Mixcraft DAW.....Pretty cheap setup...and I record in a bedroom (no acoustic treatment). I also dont have any monitors and have to mix with headphones (there are pros and cons to this) I try do the best I can with this....I have no idea what a Pro studio setup would be like for me...never even stepped into a recording studio.
    Again, thanks for everything Bob. Tom
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    Your mixes sound good, Tom. You've gotten better over the years. And your voice has improved, totally.
  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    'And your voice has improved, totally.'.........That comment has made my day!
    Cheers Bob
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