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I'm topping out at Eb5 (third bridge) ...Help

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Hi Ken, Love the vids! ... I'm topping out at Eb5 (third bridge) ...How do I (we) address this.... also how to get a more chest like tone past the 2nd. (not just heady) //// into Coverdale Gillan , etc.   video > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5BX45qkHhQ


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    Eb5 is a very high note to hit in chest voice.  This demo sounds like the voice is not properly supported, and is undisciplined.  That will change with time and attention to detail.

    Start with Stage One.  Forget what you've learned in past vocal lessons and start from scratch. Learn proper breath, posture, support, bridging, relaxation of the chest, neck, and throat.  Spend lots of quality time listening carefully to Ken's instructions and practicing to the CD workouts.

    One step at a time.  Learn it right, and practice, practice, practice.

    Post some actual scales, and modify the vowels as instructed.  Get all of those ducks in a row and post again.  We should see some progress.  We'll get to the chest-like tone, then after a few more of the basics we can consider where we are as compared to Coverdale. 

    Good for you for jumping right in and posting a demo.  Looking forward to hearing your progress!


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