Lady is a Tramp Demo

Hi BoB. I have posted this Frank Sinatra tune here.....Ive posted this one before. Now before you listen to this, you know Ive always whined about recording with headphones and I perform better without them. Well I know why. I decided to what myself in a mirror....because this has always been a mystery to me as well as very frustrating to the point of crazy. I found that when I record (with headphones) Im like a board and my mouth is hardly open....certainly no open jaw that is for sure...this has effected everything (support and even pronunciation of words...almost how someone would mumble)....I have practised for hours to make sure I dont do this....why I 'closed down' with headphones on I dont know. So with that said I really do feel I have made a huge breakthrough here. This is sounding soooo much better and it feels better to. I feel now this is Open throat now and this also allows me to utilise Mask as well....this almost comes naturally with the jaw open.
Now the thing is to make this a habit with practice and better with it. I can hear that this is actually not bad this tune....maybe a few things here and there, but better.....Can you tell the difference?
Cheers mate. Tom


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