Killing me softly.


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    I had to go listen to Sinatra's version. I only know Roberta Flacks version.

    In Sinatra's version he sings soft in some spots, and with more pressure in others. In your version, you sing with the same pressure throughout the song. Maybe go through the lyrics, and decide which phrases you want to do softly to add a bit more emotion to your vocals.

    Peace, Tony

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    Nice job, Tom.

    A little pitchy here and there, but nice tone. There are some places where you scoop up to, or down from notes that might be better if you just nailed the notes. During the time that you are in motion from note-to-note the note is either sharp or flat. When you nail the note, it sounds much more accurate than sliding up or down.

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    Now that I know where my issues are with regards to recording, I have made a huge improvement in that regard.....there are some strong points here, but I do understand what you are saying about what you have written above. These more 'sensitive' tunes like this one arnt that easy to do....need to be more consistent throughout the song. In saying, that I feel since I posted this and the other tune (Lady is a Tramp) the 'String of pearls' my support and keeping my jaw open and hitting that 'Ah' vowel is becoming more consistent and I can hear and feel the difference now. I really am confident that my future demos are going to reveal that from now.
    Thanks Bob.
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    Much appreciated Tony. Thanks for listening and commenting. I smiled at the 'emotion' comment....I felt the same way after listing to it as well...need to become a better story teller..!
    Cheers bro.
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