Hi, I'm Jon from Plymouth in the UK. I'm new to the forum. I've always enjoyed singing and home recording but have never had any kind of vocal training. I've always wished I had a higher vocal range and maybe even get some of that rocky gravel into my vocals. So after watching some of Ken''s videos thought maybe I could pick up some tips to improving my vocals.


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    Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,421
    Hey Jon, first off, welcome to the KTVA!
    I never had any training either, so in a way, you are ahead of the game with no previous notions about training to unlearn :-)

    By all means work through the YouTube videos, and glean all that you can!
    If you're like me and this lights a fire inside to learn more, there are many levels for you to get the actual course. The great part of that is that it provides the guided path to develop the foundation and skillset to take it to the next level.

    In the interim, check out all of the free videos and give it some work.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


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    JonomusicJonomusic Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Phil, will certainly be watching all the vids and seeing how I go on.
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