Hello from a Navy Band vocalist.

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Been fronting rock and pop bands and singing lead/background/harmony in a professional setting for about 7 years now.  I'm 32 and I've gotten to where I am simply by listening and imitating many of the most famous vocalists since age 3.  I have a long music career ahead of me and I love doing what I do.  I've never had any vocal lessons.  That's why I bought the bundle; I decided it was time to get some real training and figured Ken Tamplin was the real deal.  I'd like to become as great a singer as I possibly can.





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    Welcome to KTVA.  Now it's time to listen to Ken Tamplin and imitate what he shows you in the videos.   His methods will catapult your talents far beyond where you are today.  You're going to be a monster!

    You've come to the right place.  This IS the REAL DEAL!  The proof is in the singing!

    Dig in and enjoy! 


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    Hey Joe!

    Welcome aboard The KTVA forum. You and your band sound great and I love the energy and fun you guys create on stage. All the best.
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    Hey Joe,

    Just watched your videos.  Great work.  You are starting in a very good place, be prepared to grow your voice beyond what you think possible.  All the best.
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