Hi everyone! Question about doing the vocal exercises in volume one

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Hello everybody!

I got volumes 1-3 and have been practising fairly regularly on volume one only and improving slowly. I'm 57, but age doesn't seem to be the problem I thought it was going to be. I do have a quick question: do I have to sing the volume one exercises exactly as Ken sings them - in terms of range - before I move onto volume 2? If that is the case, then extrapolating my current rate of progress in terms of range improvement, I will be ready for volume 2 by the time I am 90!

Just wanted to say hi. Been lurking around so felt I had to... thanks!


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    hahahaha Welcome to the fold mate!
    Typically, people spend anywhere from 3-6 months per volume (sometimes up to a year). Remember, its not a race, but rather the polishing of a raw diamond into a beautiful gemstone!
    We all grow our voices at different rates, so focus on the "little wins" to keep you motivated.
    So take your time with it, listen hard and really try to emulate the sounds he is making as well as the concepts he's laying down. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your voice be.


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    Hi Philip, thanks for replying. Ok, I will take my time with it. Still don't think I will ever hit the top note in the inverted scale exercise, but keep plugging away... cheers colin
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    Yeah, Ken's range is pretty insane!
    I think my top note so far is like a G5, and that's after 18 months of slogging at it.
    You'll have moments of great accomplishments, and some periods of plateau, but if you are consistent, therein lies the easter eggs :-)
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    G5! So you can sing along with Michael McDonald to "What a Fool Believes"! I think the top note is F5. That is something worth working for. Best I can do is B4, and it's not yet consistent. Keep plugging away. Thanks for the encouragement. Right now the range isn't extending, but it is getting easier to hit the range I have and the tone is getting better, which is ok for me. cheers!
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    In the spirit of full disclosure, that G5 is at the absolute top of my range and not totally reliable yet. I can hit it, but can't do anything fancy with it yet :smile:
    But, it nevertheless was a major breakthrough after almost a year stuck at D5.
    So yeah, what you have will most certainly solidify, and when the foundation is strong enough, it'll just happen.
    Patience Grasshopper
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    Great question! I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking.
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