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Hi guys
My name's Matt and I've just received the How to Sing Better... course from Ken. Very much looking forward to getting started on it. A little about me - I'm mainly a guitarist, though used to sing a long time ago. I've recently quit my job to do music fulltime, and am currently working on material for an EP early next year.  I really want to do as much of it as I can myself, so want to sing and play, rather than having to hire in a vocalist. Am pretty nervous about the singing side of things to be honest, but looking forward to getting stuck into the lessons from Ken.
I don't have anything recorded yet, but you can check out my website and YouTube channel on the below links.


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    Your guitar work sounds great! You should do very well with the KTVA vocal method!

    Check in everything you think you know about singing at the door and walk into KTVA as a blank slate ready to learn vocals the way they were meant to be sung!

    You have chosen the vocal method for serious singers and musicians! The real thing!

    Welcome to KTVA!


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    MattGearMattGear Enrolled Posts: 7
    Thanks a lot Bob!
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    GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140
    Hi Matt,

    Welcome to the KTVA forum.

    Really love your guitar work (sensitive and raw) You're obviously a pro. You make the hybrid picking technique you are using look effortless. Some of the sounds and feel on your "New Song" track are reminiscent of the Mike Oldfield album "Guitars".

    I'm sure you're gonna do great with Ken's program. Go for it Matt!!

    All the best!!

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    MattGearMattGear Enrolled Posts: 7
    Hi Guevara - thanks for your comments! Not familiar with the album you mentioned (only know Mike Oldfield for Tubular Bells) but will certainly check it out.
    Take it easy.
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