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Notes C1-B6, Middle C, A440 on Piano + Guitar + Music

I created two diagrams to help people locate notes by name. It's quite common for a beginning singer to struggle with this. This is particularly true of guitarists as they are used to playing an octave lower than what they see on a score.


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    stratmanstratman Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 364
    By way of vocal range example, here is my before KTVA (orange) and my current (green). The height at various points of the curves indicate the degree of difficulty e.g. my passaggio is D4-A4.

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    Thank you very much!
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    JehoaidaJehoaida 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 7
    I am a guitar player and your diagrams are great. If I play an F bar chord, is that an F2 that I can slide up to a G2, A2, etc? If that is the case I can play that shape all the way up the neck but at some point, I will run out of neck/finger space etc. Where would I pick up from there to keep going up the scale? Right now I cannot see how I would play the F chord shape to get from F2 in your beginning vocal range the D4 it ends with. I could play the F shape from F2 on the first fret to A2 on the fifth fret then start over with the B bar shape at the second fret but where would I be in the scale?
    I hope my questions make sense.
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