Thrilled to become a better singer!

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Hi everyone, I am Tetiana, 33 y.o. I am a songwriter, musician, lead co-singer (me and my husband have a band and we both write great songs, so whoever writes a song gets to be a lead singer). Even though we have been recording for a while and have our album out, we just now are starting to gig. And of course my singing issues arise such as writing a melody line with 2 notes too high to reach with the chest voice or going loud and passionate and damaging my voice (i’ve done that before in my twenties). Standard issue for the amateur singer. Anyway, I actually had a great vocal teacher back in college in Ukraine, but the practice was seldom and not consistant, and honestly, I was not as motivated since I did not believe in myself. Now I do. I have a feeling that my beautiful alto(?) voice is locked up in this small box of vocal ignorance lol.
Anyway, I have watched all the volume one videos and started practicing 2 days ago. Imagine my surprise when I could actually go two notes higher reaching C with my chest voice without straining!! It was not a good quality performance, but it is a start.
I am thrilled and motivated :)
I also have a question to seasoned students. I consider myself an alto, but I can also go as low as a tenor in a warm up. But when I start Diva warm ups, it starts a little higher, but the dudes warm up gets a bit not high enough. I guess I should wait till I begin volume 1 exercises in a week or two... should I pursue low notes as well or concentrate on reaching higher?
I guess my goal would be to be able to sing my own songs increasing the chest voice range as well as doing some covers to keep up with great singers out there. Open Throat singing rocks my socks off!!!
I am happy to join you all and thanks for your support :)


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    You can do portions of dudes exercises that fit your voice, as well as divas exercises. You want to grow your voice in all directions.
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    Thanks for the advice! I remember I used to cry when I saw other students sing so powerful and beautiful, and I could not reach those high notes. This forum is so friendly and supportive, it gives me hope and motivation to grow.
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