Well.. I did it and...

Here I am. I've been singing for hmm 40 years? But these last two years have been difficult, losing members of my current band, (friends) and just a major blow to my confidence. I've got things back together but.. I'm suddenly.. struggling in areas I've not before. Such as my confidence, my range.... the two.. pretty sure connected. Anyways.. my hope is I can learn skills that will help me move past these issues and grow. Yes even at my age. Not sure if linking to a FaceBook video is allowed so I'll just leave things here for now. Thanks all.


  • @tinalouisec I'm so sorry you've had such a painful time recently. I firmly believe that you absolutely can learn from what you've gone through, and become stronger and more resolute moving on as time passes. In the meantime, you're in the right place to practically take your voice from strength to strength. I'm looking forward to hearing your singing when you're ready to share it. :)
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    Welcome, @tinalouisec!

    You will find yourself singing better than ever, once you have spent sufficient time building your new voice! Dig in and learn. Practice. Grow. You have the tools to do it with. Add time, practice, and patience. You will get back your confidence and more. You will have confidence in your foundation and your training, and will be able to rely on it to push back the doubts and uncertainties.

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    @tinalouisec, the bad stuff always happens, but its about how we rise above it and keep moving forward. I've had my fair share of harsh kicks in the teeth in the last 12 months, but there's an old saying "Get knocked down four times, get up five".
    I've said this many times on here (and I'll probably say it many more times) This course has repaired pretty massive vocal damage incurred in the 80's when I tried to sing like David Lee Roth in FULL VOICE! That resulted in me losing my entire 4th octave and everything above that.. what was below it, was ok, but gave out constantly.
    After about 6 months I recovered my 4th octave, after 18 months I can actually touch G5!

    I am actually starting to approach the point where my singing might outshine my guitar playing... what I'll do then I simply don't know lol.

    On confidence:
    I just took a major hit when I was playing guitar in front of 3 rock royalty guitarists, and my backing track was too low. Now, I am used to playing in front of crowds, but not in front of 3 very respected world class guitarists! I felt like a 14 year old in a talent show :neutral:
    It was almost a disaster, but I managed to hold it together (mostly). They were super gracious and funny about it, but I had the choice to really beat myself up over it, or to just take it lightly and move on. My old self before KTVA would still be brooding, but my current me knows they wanted me to succeed and shared in the ups and downs of my performance, and were in my corner throughout!

    Falling on the ice is inevitable, its how we pick ourselves back up and finish our routine, that counts!


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