New Boy!

NemoNemo 2.0 PRO Posts: 37
Greetings fellow Ken students,
One week in and I'm having a great time on this course.
My voice has already altered in a fundamental way.
I had tried Seth Riggs, Roger Love, Chuck Gilmore and Pere Bistow.
All those guys were, yes, great at getting me in touch with my passagio.
But seeing Ken's videos, enjoying his originality and, in particular the 'Ping is King', 'It's the lah' fundamentals, made me sign up.
I now see this is what I've been needing all these years - training in how to make the most basic sound. From this I can grow a voice, I can feel it.
Ken's right - those other guys are fine, and it's a thrill to find a soft way into middle voice. Except its useless when you want to sing a cool song.
Extending the chest voice up, bringing the head voice down and knitting a choice in the join is where I think this is all going.
So, I'm loving it and can't wait for it to reveal more. I practice an hour almost every day.
Exciting stuff,


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