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How long does it take to increase 1 semitone in vocal range? My range can go upto C#5 and has much more control in It. It's been like a 2 week, I am trying to reach upto D5, sometime I could hit but cannot sustain more than 2 sec. My question is how long does It take on average vocal to increase 1 semitone?


  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650
    There is no straight answer for this. It can take months, maybe a year. It depends on which note it is. When you're very experienced with stretching chest, extra notes will probably come slower and more difficult. You can't endlessly stretch out chest voice. Learning to thin-out the chest voice as you go higher and use the right modifications will help you. It also varies between people.

    Some notes you can gain fairly quickly, but that may partially be because your technique also improves. It goes both ways. Technique + training will get you higher. Technique will improve over time and training will build your voice. If you do everything correctly.

    Make sure you always focus during your workouts. It's a training session. Monitor yourself and give it your best. Reference the videos if you need to.

    Enjoy the ride. Extra notes will come if you dedicate yourself to the program!

    All the best,

  • Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,004
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    like @bentk says it varies from singer to singer, but try to focus on your support, and while you get through your passaggio, you should never Kind of rasp, or feel like there is some "hiss" (that used to happen to me) if that happens, try making the sound brighter and not letting to much air pass across the chords, also the modifications, should be spot on, if you are getting to the C# and feel you are building a little of tension try to do it lighter first from a couple of notes before, and once you get it light, pull it with all your chest :smile:
  • ContraltoLivesMatterContraltoLivesMatter Member Posts: 124
    I found my sweet spot. I stood up singing pearl jam, and found that place with everything above it higher range. My tone is a bit like Eddie Vedder. But as a girl it's making timid to sing incase I get ridiculed
  • ContraltoLivesMatterContraltoLivesMatter Member Posts: 124
    I was in the car singing to a slash and Myles Kennedy C.D. I hit a note that Myles sang high, using mask + diaphragm in chest voice. My partner was like "Oh wow" that I hit it strong and sustained. It reverberated in the car. Awesome without Ken's ideas. Might not have happened. Made my day Actually.

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