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Hello, my name is Wesley Beernaert. I have been an extreme metal vocalist for over 23 years, touring most of europe and even other continentents. My latest endavour was Lemuria, before I got a horrible accident and as floating between life and death for over 6 months and since the doctors did not know if I was going to make it, an if I was, how long it would take, the band decided to fire me....

Luckily I made it, I'm still nog 100% myself but very close, so instead of emidiatly flying back into touring bands (since that's very intensive and I was still healing) I decided to build my own personal vocal studio where I can deliver pro studio results and "prostitute" myself as a session vocalist. I thought I was going to get like 5 assignments a year, but within the first week the facebook page was up I got a waitinglist growing..... meanwhile different promotors who knew me from Lemuria (I forgot to mention, I did all communication, promo and marketing, so all venues and promotors knew me in particular) called to ask if I still do music..... which is hard, since I4ve been doing vocals only + marketing and promo for so long and haven't touched a guitar in years (where before I practised like 4 hours a day), and meanwhile also became a father of 2 and a married man.

I decided to take this course and pay for (the middle version) of it (the gold pack is outragious in pricing) because I want to learn how to sing all possible styles...even though I'm actually a conservatory student in classical singing.... I have worked with (amongst others) Satyrus, Herfst, Shrine of August, Luca Viperini, Elusion, Persephone's Blade, Ancient Rites, Fabulae Dramatis, Anwynnn, ..... the list goes on and will continue to grow.....

These are 2 of my "hired" songs (I've got tonsof live and recorded material fulltime band as well, but these were on "assignment").

2 different styles, one very proggy death metal style with a LOT of vocal variety, played on 8 string and used keyboards to make it psychedelic and full of madness and one song that is more gothenburg melodic death style.

The first is more studio worthy since the other was a DIY recording (all solo).

And the gothenburg one:

And for fun, the VERY first song of an EP I recorded over 2 decades ago..... very raw, since we were very young and hardly knew wat we were doing, but we still loved it and still do untill this day...

I know most of you don't approve (or like) extreme singing, but it has been my life for almost 25 years, so please bear with me, friends and collegues and students alike:

I'm actually writing my third solo album right now to be released middle 2019.

I want to become the most versatile "vocals for hire" guy in the world, since I've been doing extreme vocals such as screams, growls and grunts for over 20 years....effortlessly.....(live, studio is a different story but we'll save that for another day). This is why I decided to take on this course, to learn as much as my body can handle to to be as agood a singer as possible ..... (next to that I hope to be a good songwriter too because I'm solo now and I have to release a record in a year and 2 months...but again, different story).

So people, you know now who I am :)

You can always visit mywebsite at https://www.vokillzforhire.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vokillzforhire or for solo project (yes, I release my own records too) https://www.facebook.com/AterMadness

Thanks for having me!!!! Hope to learn as much as possbible from you!!!!


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    Nice to meet you, @VokillzForHire! I hope your recovery from your accident has gone well.


  • Hi @VokillzForHire! That's such a tough thing you've been through, and I really like your determination and focus. I hope you continue to heal and are back to 100% very soon.

    One thing I've discovered since starting singing is that every style feels good to sing. A particular genre might not have necessarily clicked with me emotionally before to listen to, but it feels joyful to sing properly and explore what the voice can do, and just revel in it when it feels natural. I love the idea of singing in the more extreme styles, knowing I'm doing it in the healthiest way possible, and just enjoying it. I hope this course gets you what you want. :)
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    You are absolutely right. Even as a "quite diehard metalhead" there's always just "good music". You may like it or you may not, but when music is good, it's simply good, one can not deny it. And by participating to that music one might find exactly what the creator's heart was trying to tell.

    Since I also teach "how to improve your stage presence" and "how to connect with your audience and keep them engaged", I often stress to my students that they should pretend genres do not exist. If they are on a metal concert, refer to all of the attendees as brothers and sisters and repeat that a few times, later "flow" into talking about the "power of music". Tonight it's metal, tomorrow it might be new wave, but you and me are here to make the world feel the strength of unity (just an example). As so, of course my musical spectrum is wide open, I even went to check lady gaga live 3 times and am a huge poets of the fall fan.

    So indeed, I do think I understand what you are talking about :)

    and @highmtn , thanks for the get well wishes! May the voice be with you ^^
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