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Open Throat Speaking

So I have been trying to transition what I have learned from the warm ups to my singing and I found where the biggest point of friction was. I have still been speaking with a closed throat. So I practice singing with an open throat then talk with a closed throat then come game time my throat is use to being closed again so I go back to singing like I always have.

So to fix this I have started trying to open throat speak. IT IS HARD!! It feels super unnatural at first. I figured out a good way to reenforce it though. Take any book, but preferably one with a casual tone. Then pick a paragraph start reading the paragraph backwards from the last word. Between each word say law as in "It's the law" and just in 2 days of doing this my speaking voice changed dramatically and my throat is staying open as I speak. after a week I have been told by several that I seem more confident and that I am not mumbling as much or as in-audible in my speaking. I normally had a fairly soft voice when talking but a loud boom when singing. now it is leveling out. Also my speaking voice has dropped a bit giving it a richer tone.

I'm super jazzed I picked up this kit. Simple stuff, but it is making such a huge difference.


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