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Hello everyone. I have always been a spectator when it came to the sport of singing. I would quietly sing in church making sure that I was drowned out by everyone else’s voice. Singing solo in pubic is one of my biggest fears. My children would cover their ears and tell me to stop singing the "wheels on the bus" when we would drive in the car. I love listening to music and I have always been envious of people who had the gift of music. I have just recently retired, and I have set a goal for myself to learn how to play the guitar and sing. I have always dreamed of being able to sing a love song to my wife. I only plan to sing for myself, family and friends, and maybe the church choir or an occasional karoke. I have just purchased Ken's course, and I hope it can do miracles, because it will take one to teach me to carry a tune. Good luck to everyone and may you all find you dreams.
Steve Havens
AKA, ”Newton”


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    Welcome, Steve!

    You will find from working this course that your voice will grow. It's a journey, and it takes time, but learning how singing actually works is going to make a big difference in what happens as you open your mouth and begin to sing. Take it one step at a time, and don't get overwhelmed if it sometimes seems like there is a lot to remember all at once. As you continue to practice, things will gradually improve and become more routine.

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    welcome Steve!
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    Dude that's awesome! You can do it!
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    @Newton Hey Steve, fellow Michigander here. I'm also retired, couldn't sing a lick until I started the course a year ago. Now I can sing a lot of songs comfortably without many mistakes. It's an awesome course. If you put in some good quality practice time, you should be singing fairly quick.

    Enjoy your new adventure, and I hope you get as much out of it as I did in a short period of time.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thank you all for the encouragement. I just wish I could get past this lip exercise :(
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    Don't worry. It took me an incredible amount of time to get it right without "helping" with my fingers.

    It will come, eventually. In the meantime, go ahead and "help".
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