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I´m from Brazil I am training on KVTA dvd's for 2 months now, and they have helped alot already! My objetives are to gain more powerfull and ressonant notes, strenghen my belting and mixed voice also! I like many types of music, but rock is definatly my real thing so thats why I have bought KVTA, it seems to help alot on that singing styles that require alot of stamina and power.


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    Hi Einheerjar,

    Welcome to the KTVA forum. Your objectives sound great and I believe that working Ken's program is the best way to achieve these exact goals.

    Be sure to watch all the webinars and youtube videos (if you haven't already:-) as these are fantastic extra resources that really help to fully understand and integrate everything Ken is teaching into your own singing.

    All the best!    

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    Good to meet you!  Thanks for saying hello!  I believe you will be very pleased with the results you will get from KTVA..

    Stay with the program and let us know how you are doing from time to time!


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