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Hey Everyone. Im new here, a bit of background about myself.. born and raised in the Southeast of Kentucky in the Appalachia mountains. My father was / is a very musically talkented man, playing every kind of instrument, sining, mixing, and some recording. I was raised in a very music "surrounded" home. However did not have a good relationship with my father.. as talented as my father is, my mother is on the same leve but opposite.. i never touched anything with music, i always wanted to but wasn't able to get along enough with my father to learn.. so fastforward 20 years, married with 3 amazing children.. a few years back i started teaching myself the guitar.. and started singing some...(not well).. but as i learn more with the guitar and music in general its helped me understand singing.. ive had some improvement, but still want to mive to the next level and learn more... i also think connection with a community will help me in that growth...

Here is a couple links to one of me singing (warning tho, I know its not good... i just want record from where i started as i learn and grow with singing and playing as well)


Long spill!! LoL.. but its nice to be here..


  • Gaston_JaureguiGaston_Jauregui Moderator, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,004
    Hi! welcome! you sound a little airy, so you have to cut back the air, also your voice could be brighter and you need to work on your support, so I would start there, on support
    here is a video from Ken where he explains support, I would encourage you to do it without the guitar at first when you try singing

    and of course to get the KTVA program to see more results :)
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    Hey mate, welcome to the forum!
    Its a very cool adventure you're on, excited for you :smile:)
    If you really want a tried and true laid out roadmap, you'll really want to get the course. I know it made a huge difference for me, just wish I had access to it when I wore a younger man's clothes
  • WesWilWesWil Member Posts: 6
    WoW.. Awesome!!!! Thank you guys sooooo much..
    I do plan on getting the course soon. Im finishing some education currently and have some state exams and licenses i have to invest in soon. So to stay on budget i gotta wait till im done with that in a couple months..

    I want to work on as much as I can until I start the course...
  • WesWilWesWil Member Posts: 6
    With the airy, i Will do that at times because it seemed to help "hide" or at least mask when i would hit off pitch.. but Ill cut back the air.. that actually makes alot of sense now though. I would struggle running out of breath quickly. Maybe thats why..
    Gonna watch the video now.. thanks so much.. i look forward to when I start the course!.
  • JehoaidaJehoaida 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 7
    Dude you are off to a good start with the playing and singing ability already. I can play, but not sing at the same time. Not yet anyway.
  • WesWilWesWil Member Posts: 6
    @jehoaida thank you... i started singing because of my playing. (Still have a long way to go) but i feel like in this art you never stop growing and learning..

    Sometimes it takes me some time to get the timing of the lyrics and music togather with my brain doing 2 things at once. LoL. But thank you man. I really do appreciate it..
  • WesWilWesWil Member Posts: 6
    Jehoaida said:

    Dude you are off to a good start with the playing and singing ability already. I can play, but not sing at the same time. Not yet anyway.

    And you Will get it!! Playing and singing at the same time.. dont stop!!.
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