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Ken Mentioned Glutathione Treatments to get rid of Vocal Nodules, Polyps, Swollen cords, ect...?

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I've been feeling a pain on my right vocal cord for a few weeks now and I have bad cord closure that results in a breathy sound. I perform on the weekends and I've had to cancel my shows due to this pain and breathiness (going to the ENT Monday). I watched this video that Ken Tamplin has on his youtube called "Vocal Nodules - Nodes - Polyps - What To Do - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy". He goes on to say that "Glutathione Treatments" (usually taken in injections, but he said it could also be taken sublingually), help with the rehabilitation of the vocal cords. After hearing this, I did some more research and most of the ENT's using this, inject it into their patients. Does anyone know of a sublingual Glutathione brand that they've used for their voice? Or has anyone tried this method for preventive reasons or due to a vocal injury?

Thank You
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