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How Axl Rose blew his voice

In a video of the pro pack on Axl Rose Ken said that one of the reason of Axl losing his voice is oversinging in the mask. I was quite surprise because I didn't know that sing in the mask could harm your voice. I thought that if you cut your breath completely and remove tension you were safe anyway but now I'm quite scared when I sing rock song to imitate those kind of mask singing. Can someone explain to me why it is dangerous and do I have to resign myself completely at imitate Axl style on guns song ?


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    The keywords to focus on is "OVER SINGING", No matter if your voice is being distorted, clean, high notes, low notes. Over singing will irritate, and over time do damage to your cords.

    Peace, Tony
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    @DeadISnake Axl Rose had very bad habits and had to cancel many shows during the Use Your Illusion Tour due to over singing and bad technique, trust me, you´ll know if you start blowing your voice, once it happens you´ll start backing off , cutting back the air and being more careful about it, so just keep focusing on the program study both belting (once you get to volume 3 (you´ll find about glottal compression which helps a Lot if you haven´t gotten there of course) and bridging but ALSO study a LOT bridging because the feeling of it, will help you get the feeling on how to back off the air if you catch yourself over singing in a show, but don´t be scared, just be prepared!!! :) and about guns ´n roses songs the answer is No you don´t have to resign singing guns n roses songs but I would not try to imitate Axl´s distortion, plus in the pro packs Ken shows adam how to sing properly Welcome to the Jungle
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