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My name is Gabriel! Im from California and I've just purchased KTVA VOL 1. Im really excited because I've always loved to sing and I've always wished i could sing good but never had the guts to really do anything about it until now. I guess you can say I'm what Ken would call a 'shower screamer.' I am totally new and I've never had any voice lessons so it shall be an interesting journey.

I am currently a sophomore in college studying for my major in Computer Engineering but I am really considering changing it to music. I am not enjoying my major like I thought I would be so I've been thinking its time for a change. Music has always interested me and i listen to just about everything. I dont think there is a day where i dont listen to music, its a great form of expression for me and is something I am interested in exploring.

My ultimate hope is to major in Voice somewhere but at this point it is very far fetched aha. So since I still have about four months until my next semester i thought id see how far KTVA can take me and asses my progress.

I have a couple questions however:

I've been browsing the forms but I haven't really seen anything directly answering this. When we are doing the open throat technique for the vowel modifications I've been having trouble keeping my throat open when I perform the scales. I can 'yawn' and freeze it there but as soon as I start to sing it my throat goes back down and the soft pallet drops as well. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep it up?

I haven't really advanced past this or started the Audio workouts because I feel like I should have the open throat down before I start anything else. Am i correct in doing this or would the work outs help?

Also from my understanding of what I read on the forums is that the soft pallet is only raised on the higher notes you sing? Is my understanding of this correct? Is that also the same for the open throat? The higher the note the more open the throat?

Thank you in advance!



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    Hello, Gabriel, and Welcome!

    Regarding your questions, the smile and the raised cheeks help to also raise the soft palate, which the uvula dangles from.  So really, anytime you have the smiley cheeks facial posture, your soft pallet will be raised somewhat, and ready for launch when you go higher in the scales.  The uvula actually should be rising and possibly disappearing as you ascend to the highest notes.  This is all part of the proper setup for singing.  This setup aids in proper tone and resonance.

    Likewise, the Open Throat is something that takes some getting-used-to!  It needs to become the normal, natural feeling you have when you are singing, because it is the basic posture from which your AH vowel must come.  The AH vowel is the grand-daddy of all vowels, and you need to ensure that you are learning to do it exactly like Ken demonstrates, and once learned, you must then make that your home base for all notes you will ever sing again...  not just the high notes.

    This is the beginning of your new voice.  Learn to do it right, and improve from there!

    And again, welcome aboard.  Come on in and enjoy the journey!


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    GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140
    Hi Gabriel,

    Welcome to the KTVA forum: Glad to hear that you have got up the guts to start singing. As Ken say's, singers are only singers because they have the guts to get up and do it! 

    You've made a great choice! Volume 1 of Ken's program is the best place to start your vocal studies.

    All the best!

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    TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269

    Hi Gabriel!


    I started three weeks ago, so I am not far ahead of you. I think the open throat will come when you do the exercises. Just pretend you are Ken and do it exactly like him:-). Don't worry if it doesn't sound good. Just make it sound like your throat is open. Play with it. The beautiful tone will soon come. I always try to sound good, and then I don't make it. When somebody told me I should stop being "too good", and just open up my throat and make sounds, I understood how it was done, even if I sounded like a cow.

    I also would like to say to you about your college studies: FOLLOW YOUR HEART!! I always did, even if it didn't seem like a wise thing to do, and I ended up in a very good place. When you do what you love, you can't imagine all the possibilities that opens up. You know why?

    Because you become like a shining star when you do things with love and enthusiasm, and you can't keep the good things from being attracted to you. So go for the music, if that is what you want!

    Look forward to hear more from you


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    KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Ohai! Do you watch anime? LOL! Most people who do use "Ohai" XD!

    Welcome aboard! Also, it takes practice and time to keep it up. You have to try and remember and literally "engrave" the feeling of the yawn in the back of the throat. Keep trying and practicing and you'll get it down ;D! Never give up! If you're facing any problems, do ask! We're all here to help each other out :D! Bob pretty much said everything ahaha!
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