An original song - Żifnet l-Ilħna (Maltese)

Vixen85Vixen85 Pro Posts: 61
This is part of a creative presentation where the music composed and recording was done by my boyfriend and the reading in between is an interpretation of a book in maltese language "Tħabbat Xtaqtek". I am still in the very beginning of the exercises so I am still quite raw. Any feedback is highly appreciated.



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    stratmanstratman Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 364
    @Rowena85 that was very moving. I wish I had an English translation of the passage you read. A search on google gave me this ... “Father Gioele Galea's Tħabbat Xtaqtek is a diary/memoir recounting the author's authentic experience at the Saint Girolamo hermitage in the green heart of Perugia. It is immediately more.”?
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    Vixen85Vixen85 Pro Posts: 61
    Hi Stratman why thank you,I really appreciate it. If you want I can translate to english what I read :). Yes it is about his diary during his hermit years. He soent 15 years in a herimitage and he is a really gifted poet and writer.
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