Hello, from California’s central west coast.

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I am excited to introduce myself to this new community. I never thought I would try singing, but here I am. I am almost 50 and have decided that I would like to add music to my life, so I started taking piano lessons a few months ago. My piano teacher makes me count out loud as I play from an adult beginners piano book. I started humming at first instead. Well, he just recently told me that the first time he heard me humming he immediately pegged me as having a voice for jazz. Well, no one’s ever told me anything about my voice ever, so I was totally jazzed. A few days later I miraculously found Ken’s YouTube videos and started listening to them. This is going to be an interesting journey.


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    stratmanstratman Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 364
    @jen welcome. I'm over 50, many others are too :smile: I look forward to hearing what you accomplish.

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    @jen I'm also in the over 50 club.
    Being only a member you will still get some cool singing tips, but to get all of the good stuff you have to be an enrolled student. There are videos, discussions, and a lot of other stuff you won't have access to unless you're enrolled.
    That being said, hang out, ask some questions, read up on some of the tips, and see what you think.

    Peace, Tony
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