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Would love a vocal evaluation Ken!

saifulrizal21saifulrizal21 Enrolled Posts: 39
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Hi Ken! I just recorded a short demo for your criticism!
Just bought the program yesterday and the throat opening
part really helped but I still feel like I'm going back to my
old habits when I'm singing.

Here's the demo:

Thank you!


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    mquek7mquek7 Enrolled Posts: 4
    Hi Ken

      Thanks! I am busy uploading all the files now. 
      Also viewing the videos as much as I can before my two major performances this coming Saturday. Am quite worried actually.
      My major struggle is still song application. How do I apply the LAH technique to songs?

       Today, while rehearsing songs, I found that, through trial and error

    1) Breathe through mouth
    2) Engage diaphragmatic support
    3) Simultaneously using the LAH open throat word
    4) I had to wait for the tongue to flex the LAH and then rest on the bottom of the jaw BEFORE I emitted a tone to sing.

        I do not think too much about vowel modifications.

        If I did not do step 4, then the pitch will be compromised and I cannot reach those high notes.

       Is this correct? Really need a crash course of what REALLY can work and help me to make accelerated progress pronto for the Saturday gigs. Really appreciate your help. 

        Thank you and God bless!
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    Bear in mind that this course is a long-term commitment, and you will be studying these techniques for many years to come.  Your gains will not be overnight.


    That said, be aware that all vowel sounds in the English language stem from the AH vowel.  Don't get too attached to the "L" consonant of LAH!  Pay more attention to the Open Throat AH that follows the "L".  So let that AH be a freely flowing fountain of sound. Like a Fire Extinguisher, pouring forth your vowels, and minimize your consonants so that the vowels keep flowing with minimum interruption of the Open Throat. 

    Brighten it up as much as you can.  This will give you a more contemporary, modern sound as opposed to an Operatic sound.  Remember your support is the source of your vocal strength! Proper breathing along with support from all chest and abdominal structures.  Your Body is the instrument, not just your throat and mouth!  Without massive support you will be singing from the throat.  Sing from your body!

    Good luck on your upcoming performances, er, I mean Break a Leg!!!


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