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What do when gone hoarse

I having trouble i know when i use the over use of air You go hoarse during the set what should I do if this happens live should stop singing or continue singing if I do go hoarse in the set how can I finish the set list even though I'm hoarse


  • GuevaraGuevara Enrolled Posts: 140
    Hi bball413,

    Good question; a lot of singers actually sing with a hoarse voice, but personally I wouldn't recommend it as it can cause problems if done excessively. 

    The trick is to get your technique and vocal stamina together, which will go a long way to help you to sing all night without going hoarse.   

    I am not a vocal coach, but here are some tips/advice:

    1) Warm up your voice before you perform.

    2) Arrange your set list so you start out the set on the songs that are less stressful for your voice

    3) Then add some of the more challenging material you perform and alternate it with easier songs; this will help you to pace your performance and create a more dynamic set.

    4)  Stay hydrated while you perform with room temperature water.

    5) Maybe take a short break during the set.

    6) Don't sing every phrase of every song so hard: For example; If you are singing  phrases using distortion/grit etc. be sure to make the next song something that requires a clean tone as this will help to clean up the vocal cords and help you to stop going hoarse.

    7) Try to hold back the amount of air you are sending over your cords, but maintain a consistent support from your diaphragm during each phrase.  Then relax the diaphragm between each phrase which will enable you to quickly intake another breath ready for the next phrase.

    8) Sing using open throat technique (Ken Tamplin is one of the few vocal coaches who can teach and demonstrate this method in actual songs)

    8) Find time to warm down your voice after the set.

    I hope this is of some help. All the best.

  • bball413bball413 Enrolled Posts: 6
    Yes but what happens if it happens when ur singing live u answer my question but what happens if it happens during a song or if I over sung my phrases do I continue to sing the night with a hoase voice
  • bball413bball413 Enrolled Posts: 6
    Hey Ken tamplin what ur thoughts on my question above and my new question
  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Hey bball413,

    That is a pretty tough question to answer. If the cause of hoarseness is bad technique, that will take time to correct. If it happens during a live performance, grab some water, extend the guitar solo, whatever you have to do to get a small break. Switch up your set so that you can break into some easier songs to sing. If you are being paid, you may not have the option to end the night early, unfortunately you have to keep going. Between sets find a quiet place and don't make a sound. Give your voice a break. This is a problem that can only be corrected by using proper vocal technique. Over time you will see your stamina improve, and the hoarseness disappear. All the best.
  • bball413bball413 Enrolled Posts: 6
    That u guys both for answering my question I appreciate that very much so thank
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