How to start warm ups?

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Hey everyone,my name is Brian oconnor.im from Boston ma.i sing in a cover project.i have all the equipment .I practice everyday.im willing to put in the work.i have a question about warmups.and warm downs.when warming up I stretch my body first,but next is it
best to do liprolls first before vocal scales.i know everybody is different but there has to be some sort of common order that works for most.if someone could help me with that,that would be great.i have that same old issue.i can sing the songs but I cant sing more then 5 in a row without beginning to lose my voice.obviously because I'm not trained properly.since I found kens tutorials I've been super excited.i know he's the guy I've been looking for. He backs it up in every which way.all the other coaches that try to shoot him down online
Its out of pure jealousy. You can hear the frustration in there voice.lol.anyway I'm pumped,I'm also vice president of my son's baseball league and I manage the allstars for my city.i got one more week of ball then I'm starting kens vocal package. Can't wait to post my progress.


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    Brian, rest assured that the whole roadmap is outlined in the course. Next week when you pull the trigger on getting the course, you are going to trip :smiley:
    I won't kid you, it takes allot of work and a fair amount of focus time, but the results are pretty wild.. Just be sure to check all preconceptions at the door, and closely follow what Ken is laying down. His "performance Checks" during instruction are absolute gold.

    Can wait to hear what you think once you get it!


  • BrianOConnorBrianOConnor 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 61
    Thanks for the response.yeah I've been doing his free online scales everyday.im in 2 cover bands and both members say they have seen drastic improvements with the strength and range of my voice.its great to hear how confident you are in kens course .it makes me more confident in spending the money. Unfortunately I'm from Lynn Mass and we got hit with a huge rainstorm couple weeks ago .so I'm just getting my house back to normal .got flooded pretty good. Saved all the musical gear, that's the important stuff LOL. But yeah thanks I'm definitely going to go with the course his free lessons alone have been so worth the time. Very excited to start . I'm just going to throw it on a credit card the hell with it. I want to get started with the fine details.thanks again Phil.
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    @Brianoconnor @Furious_Phil is right, it is laid out exactly. It took me a little while to get my ego out of the way and do it exactly as Ken lays out. You have to trust that there is a method to Ken's madness, and there is. It isn't easy and there are ways to baby step your way into doing Volume 1 (which is also laid out), but I think over time you will really be pleased with what you are learning. Good luck :)
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    Sorry to hear about the flood, that sucks greatly.
    Here's to a quick recovery, and some great singing training to help take your mind off of it :-)

    Cheers mate,

  • BrianOConnorBrianOConnor 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 61
    Thanks for the advice guys,yeah it's hard to argue with kens methods,he nailing foreigner songs with ease,acdc,zepplin,he really backs it up.thats what really caught my attention..so I'm in.like I said made progress just from his tutorials.super excited see the courses
  • BrianOConnorBrianOConnor 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 61
    Super excited to start the courses
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