Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area!!!

Hello, everyone! I just joined the forum after being a regular supporter of Ken's YouTube channel. I am a self-taught singer...except for vocal instruction I gleaned from way back in the high school choir...and have a YouTube channel (Shauna Marie Sings). I can sing a lot of different genres of music...rock, jazz, blues, operetta, classical, country, R&B, soul...basically, I'm a very good mimic...and, as my vocal range spans to nearly five octaves, I can cover a lot of different songs. I taught myself to sing through the emulation of artists including Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt, and Phoebe Snow. Really, I just LOVE to sing!!! I look forward to learning more from the best vocal instructor out there and meeting fellow singers!


  • Welcome! This is thee place for singers. Lots of good people, and information here.
    Do a little research, a little networking, and check out the resources available to you.

    5 octaves? wow! that's a big range. I'll probably leave here and check out some of your stuff.

    Anyway, enjoy the forum. If you have questions, they get answered pretty quickly here.

    Peace, Tony
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    Welcome, Shauna!

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