My Name is Caroline I perform under 'Black Cherry'

My name is Caroline late 20's, I perform as Black Cherry in my YouTube Videos. I have Joined ths forum because I found Ken Tamplin on YouTube, and he made singing sound interesteing. I've always Wanted to Sing, however; Never Liked my voice, also people I would let hear me sing would say things like "You're a great guitarist, not a singer" and "Your voice has a bad tone, and it's not good enough". So... I played in bands and forgot about singing until I needed to go solo as a guitarist, realizing I need to sing to do so the way I want too meant I had to get back into singing but I feel inadequate in doing so. Ken Made me feel like I might have some hope to train and learn how to sing better. I've been going over Ken Tamplin's YouTube Lesson, and improvement straitght away, but still a long way to go. :smile:

My Favorite singers Axl Rose, Bret Michael's from Poison, Micki Steele from The Bangles but I would like to sing more like axl rose.
My vocal range was told to me by a vocal coach here in Melbourne Australia that I am a Contralto. I say alto but I don't know. from what I understand from Ken Tamplin so far, is that range is really subject to Diaphram support if anything if using the "Open Throat" technique.

So that's my introduction, and Thank you for Reading it :) Caroline (Black Cherry)


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    Welcome, Caroline! You can certainly do a lot to make your tone grow and improve, as well as your range and every other aspect of your voice. Ken's YouTube Lessons are excellent. If you happen to follow Ken's actual course, you get step-by-step lessons to build your voice from the foundation all the way to the roof top.

    There is a lot of detail that is simply too much to present or be taken in, in short YouTube episodes.

    We're glad you're here, and hope you decide to stay.

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