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A very first shot at Elvis sang maybe once before long ago


  • @CowboyBlue941 You definitely have the "Elvis tone" I heard it on the very first note.
    Not a bad job. Your voice could use a little more control. I notice it go from strong to soft, and not intentionally, but overall not bad.

    Now get your butt back to work and save somebody ha ha (just kidding cowboy)

    Peace, Tony
  • CowboyBlue941CowboyBlue941 Member Posts: 11
    Thank you yes this was just a try of something a bit different. I'm use to all great country singers like Cash, Tritt, travis ect . But yes always saving someone haha
  • Maybe you can sing "Jailhouse Rock" to the detainees ha ha.

    I sing some country myself, but I'm into the newer country which is sort of like rock music in a way now, but my brother, he likes the older traditional singers that you mentioned, and even people from earlier eras.

    Keep up the singing, and have a nice day Cowboy

    Peace Tony
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