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Call register

My call register starts about at the D#4 or E4. I can go to F#4, but no further. Well...I can stretch myself to G#4, even to A4, but it is really hard and requires so much power and energy, that it feels like I'm doing something wrong. Even at F#4 it starts to go hard for me. Only E4 and F4 sounds okay in my call register. I don't want to blow off my chords.
I'm now on the vol.1. Ken said, that I wanna stretch my chest as far as I can. So here's my question: should I try to stretch it to G4 with my full voice or it's better to sing it lightly first and little by little add more power the further I go? I want to belt and singing hard rock stuff, tho.

UPD: by the way, I know about vowel modification. I just can't get that OO like "hook" feeling in the back of my throat. With the OH like "loft" it was very natural and easy. But from OH to OO...man, I just can't get it. When I do this, my voice gets kinda distorted sound and I don't think it's good for me...I said before, that my voice becomes thinner and like distorted. And I know Ken said, that we thinness our sound, but I don't feel like my G4 sounds like Ken's G4, you know. I think I really need to record myself and upload here.


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