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Possible to make it in music if your an 80s style rocker?

wondering if it's possible to make it in music, or at least have a career in music, apart from Youtube as an 80s rock singer/guiarist.
are beguiling vocals really giving way to thin auto-tuned RNB music? Nothing wrong with RnB if your into that stuff.


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    It's more than possible. People are making a living still doing 70s shows. There is a local group in my area that does nothing but the 80s hits (hair band stuff), and their shows are packed every night.

    Autotune, where do I begin. First off, I don't believe in using it. If you can't keep pitch or hit the notes, you don't belong in a studio. It also does something to the sound of your voice that I don't care for. I could go on, and on about it, but I think you get it lol.

    Peace, Tony
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    ContraltoLivesMatterContraltoLivesMatter Member Posts: 124
    So agree, I wish I could be the fem kind of poionette rocker and be known, but not full out famous. i just want want to create rock music with a good sounding vocals
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