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Webinar Suggestion

NemoNemo 2.0 PRO Posts: 37
Hi Team Ken,
I've tuned into the last three weeks of webinars - it's always great to see Ken and have him riffing off questions.
As somebody who's months into the full program, I am excited, inspired and yet still a little unclear about small things to do with technique, approaches and conceptualising Ken's masterplan for our voices. (Bob does a great job in filling in the detail and possibly all I need).
I've been thinking 'wouldn't it be great if there was a student-orientated webinar in which Ken fielded questions from active students?'
That way those who are already 'sold' on the course (and love it), can use the time interactively to fine-tune snags and unclear areas.
Maybe just a one-off that would be valuable - then, the format can return and the webinars can return to Ken's more zoomed-out overview.
I understand Ken strives to cast his net wide and gather new students, but for those folk already on the course it might be great to have something approaching a seminar for on-course devotees! Sometimes drilling down on specifics is what we need most.
Either way I'll keep tuning in.
It's a great course, guys, and my voice is developing beautifully.
Warm regards,
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