Just a small Introduction of myself :)

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Hi Everyone

I have been singing for a whill now.... allmost 10 years. started out when i was 15 and now im 25 so thats a whill ago!

This year i reacehed one of my biggest goals, and got my first Record Deal!! so now its time to take my singing to the next level.

Earlier i have went to singing teachers but i allwas felt that its a bit hard to practise the stuff we did later at home..

so thats a big part why im looking forward to learn so much more from here when i have everything i need at my computer!

The thing i know i need to work the most on is to not sing with my throat.

its a bad habit i have picked up and it makes me tierd after just a few songs.

What have been your biggest struggle with yout voice so far?

Im looking forward to the course and i will try to help & give feedback as much as possible here on the forums.

Lets making some singing gains now!

/David Dosi


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