Hi - I am looking to improve vocal stamina

I've been singing over years since my teens...I stopped and only recently just got back into it and looking to form a band with some friends.

I think I need to take care of my voice and not kill it ... I am probably going to go ahead with the course within a couple of weeks but especially if I have stamina problems from singing for 2hrs or so.
Just wondering if the others have had good results with their stamina and how long it took for them?

Here is a sample of some a cappella singing..
Songs of Yesterday


  • I like the tone of your voice, and it sounds decent, but It's best if you can include some sort of backing track with your vocal so people can see if you are singing on pitch. Just make sure your vocal can be heard clearly over it.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thanks Tony - I will see if I can get a backing track sample for a different song :)
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    Okay - I only have piece I did while learning guitar...but might give a better idea...excuse my guitar playing :)
  • @GazzaP That sounded really nice. What type of training have you had in the past? I can tell you've had some.
    What type of things are you looking to improve on?

    Peace, Tony
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    I did approx 3 years in a small Private Music School - doing Bel Canto (natural voice singing) - but that's about 20 years ago! Some band stuff with friends etc.
    My teacher loved Thom Yorke so he had me do a lot of Radiohead.
    I will be singing with a blues band and don't want to strain or have my voice go in the middle of gig - I wan't to use compression / distortion correctly.

  • If you're a Bel Canto guy, you'll adapt rather quickly to Ken's techniques. His course will definitely help you be any type of singer you wish to be. It's all about technique, and how to use it for any application within any range.

    The moderators, and other singers here are awesome too. You always get informative responses, and fairly quickly for a forum (usually within 24 hours). The whole package is just awesome, and you probably won't find another course like that.

    Anyway, Look forward to seeing you around.

    Peace, Tony
  • GazzaPGazzaP Member Posts: 5
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