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Hi All,
Just received my DVD pack for Kens vocal academy! really looking forward to getting started, however I've spent ages going through the PDF document, introduction CD (I.E Ken) then the audio CD's, and I have to say I'm confused!! which I'm sure is more to do with me than anything else.
Just a view highlights, introduction CD has the tongue exercise but the starter but the starter workouts (PDF) dosent.
starter workouts (PDF) is vowel but the booklet is diaphragm/posture etc.
Volume (DVD) is 1.1 but that's the introduction DVD , but volume 1 is the audio workout, 1.1 (as a number) would naturally follow '1' ?
The booklet Volume 1.3 is student demonstrations, but the demonstrations are not for volume 1 audio workouts.

Im desperate start, but I want to start in the correct way without any confusion.

I would be great full for any assistance.


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