Hello from Austria!

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Hey guys and girls :smile:

I'm new to the KTVA program and I'm already very excited about what I can get out of it.
I've started approx. 1 year ago taking vocal lessons at a local vocal coach.
Here is a totally raw mobile phone recording, I've recorded a few days ago.
It shows quite well, how far I've made it since then, as it's quite at the (current) "upper threshold" of my chest register:
(hope the german language doesn't bother you :wink: )

I would appreciate it, if maybe one of you can give me feedback on which aspects I should start focussing at first.

Now a little bit more about myself, I'm 24 years old, living in Austria.
I'm currently writing on my master thesis to complete my electrical and audio engineering study.
So, from time to time I'll certainly have a look into the "recording" and "equipment" categories, too,
to give you my personal opinions on your issues :smile:
As an artist, I'm writing and producing my own songs (yes, for 100% on my own :wink: ).
I've started with rapping when I was in puberty.
Now or to be more precise, already 1 year ago :wink: I thought it's time,
to expand my horizon by mixing rap with singing,
to create my own sound as a mixture of hiphop/rap/pop/rock
and I hope, that KTVA will help me on my journey. :smile:

Looking forward to have a great time here on the forum, too :smiley:

Best regards,


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
    Welcome, Thomas. You will find that just starting out on the program as it is designed will be most efficient for you. We start with the most open vowel, the AH vowel, to start getting used to Open Throat techniques. Everything will progress from there.

    Nice to have you here!

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