Hello everybody, so i'm pretty shocked. I practice for like two years and i went from, i never open my mouth to bands fighting for me to sing for them. BUT
i have a question. At home, after some time, i have to turn the volume down. So say, i want to sing the trooper for iron maiden, i can't belt, cuz i need the balls, so u usually sing in my mixt voice, without pulling chest in, softly so i don't bother my neighbors. Will this cause that when i will sing again my mix and head voice will cut from my range, same thing that Ken talked about, to pull the chest voice high up as we can,( although i'm doing that when i practice at full volume) And if that is so, should i then, when i sing, and at low volume, if a song is singed from the chest, should i sing it too from the chest, even if at low volume i cant reach up the notes, so maybe i will sing it with an octave lower. And all of this makes any sense ? Haha. Thank you all and thank you Ken.
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