Hi I'm Lea

So, actually I'm new, not only here,but never used a forum (any) at all, so i'm a bit confused for now :smile: . My name is Lea (29) and I'm from Croatia (For those who don't know where it is - Europe-near Italy). I began singing in choir at a theatre when I was 6 years old,at that time they gave me to sing a solo ( O holly night) with simphony orchestra and chior. Later on i went to music school and learned piano,but singing was always my first love. I have finished high music school and went to the academy but for a lot of reasons didn't finish it. I sang as a backup singer for some small city groups but never had opportunity to learn what i wanted to learn so for years i have gave up on singing. Learning bel canto never actually helped me to sing rock,pop r'n'b or any other genre. I like all kinds of music and don't have a preferred singer,band or genre. I've found Ken Tamplin on youtube and started following his page and I'm amazed that there is someone that actually has found a way to sing in a lot of different styles (if not all :)) and i have started to sing again, with love and passion that i have forgotten i had inside . Now I'm a mum of two children but i would love to learn how to improve my voice and skills so here I am. :) Hopfully i will discover how to record myself and put some link to see what do you guys think i should improve. Have a great day and keep on singing!


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