I will throw my hat in the ring :)


  • The first song on there was very hard to hear the singing, but sounded ok.
    The second song you had some major effect on your vocal, and that didn't sound so great.

    How long have you been singing?

    Peace, Tony
  • Thanks tony ..my rig i sing into is pretty basic shure 58 into a mixing board and some delay and some chorus on my voice ..effects are allowed ..lol..ive been singing a long time i try to use my natural voice but i like to character sing as well ..im no pro ,,im a novice i make huge mistakes but it's a learning curve ..im sure you understand ..how long have you been singing?..thanks for the comment :)
  • I've only been singing for a year, but I've been a musician/recording engineer/producer/writer for a little over 40 years, and yes, effects are allowed lol (just maybe not so much)

    Peace, Tony
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