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C5 Is Possible After The Headvoice Workout Just Once

JoshuaJoshua Member, Enrolled Posts: 108

I have to tell you. I was working along today and I didn't like the way my voice sounded, so I decided to do some prevention and sing my scales, clean, ultra bright. It had the effect that I wanted, but also...another thing.

I did the head voice work out once earlier this week. And tonight I was working up the scales. I can hit an G#5 on command. A5 most days if I warm up. One time I got all the way up to a C5...tonight as I was doing very basic warm ups, I noticed that where I started felt low, so low that I thought I was doing the scale wrong or something. (d3)...I got up to f#5 and I'm like, wow, I wonder if I'm just confused and this is still an octave below? Because I felt like I still had a lot of runway left.

Dude, i rocked all the way to C5 and felt like I could go higher had I actually wanted to  - and - it was powerful and not airy or difficult. The difference in the feel is AMAZING. When will I ever use a c5 - hell dude, any damn time I want to! Now that I can : ) 

I Love Ken Tamplin.


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