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Getting through sweet child o mine chorus Demo link

I've been thinking and listening to guys singing Guns N Roses, and Girls too. I heard a major difference.
Guys will hit chest voice then go into head voice to copy axl Rose (even though princess Axel is singing in head voice pressing down to get low then goes high in head voice) Most girls have very little distintiion between those. Fergie she's singing it all in head voice. Female versions of Civil War I hear women singing it in head voice then just laying on the "Compression" + attitude going in to the Chorus break. Be that as it may here is a link to me singing Sweet Child o Mine chorus. Im all in head voice but I wish there was something I could do to it to make it sound more interesting (TIPS PLEASE!) as I am doing a Civil War, Sweet Child O Mine Medely at an Open Mic in a couple of weeks.




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