Newborn to KTVA '6' day old '47' year old

Not sure if this is in the 'Introduce yourself' section? Hope so.

I browsed thru some of the comments and found inspiration and courage to write. I'm WAY out of my comfort zone, but so OVER it with fear. I really took hold of Ken's You Tubes, but wasn't a fan of the 'forum' concept when deciding to purchase the program. Uploading a video of myself, WHAT ??!! Asking questions and putting myself 'out there' ??!! BUT, I'm encouraged, inspired and motivated watching others open up as this is a very 'vulnerable' place. Thank you all -

I started singing at age 7 or so. I was raised in and around the ent. biz in LA around the biggest names and talents. Instead of learning from them, it frightened me so to speak. I would go home an fiddle with our Fender Rhodes and sing. At times I would drill a line of a song, or a riff over and over and over again; my mother (not meaning to cause me harm) would shout out ' Shut up and let the record play!' I wasn't sure if I could sing or not. I just know I felt good in my 'space' - It wasn't till I was about 16 that I shared with a few that I wanted to sing. I then sang at my high school graduation and started to build some confidence. (Irene Cara, Out here on my own LOL) I had more positive experiences and feedback than negative, BUT the few negative ones put me in a shell and imprisoned me in fear. I also didn't welcome the positive because I knew that I was 'cheating' with my singing and I wasn't singing to my full potential. If I couldn't hit a note, or couldn't hit it IN FRONT OF SOMEONE, I would find a way to run and riff and skate around it ...hence, cheating. I would always sing 'safe' even alone, unless I was just in a real 'free' place in my head. It was so frustrating, I stopped singing altogether about 20 + years.

I had a chance meeting with someone who came into my occupation and as we had small talk I revealed I ‘USED’ to sing – he played guitar, bass and keys. I sent him a song I wrote and recorded a million years ago, ‘rough’ and he thought it would be fun to just play with music. Until he came up with the bright idea to put a band together. WHAT?! I don’t sing anymore. Ok, so I’m singing now I guess – Yikes!

At 47, ½ way thru my life, I don’t want to cheat anymore, not thru a song, a line, no, I want to be authentic and true. I want to squash my fears, I want to be able to say I am a singer and mean it. A couple immediate goals would be to re-record and sing live the song I wrote as noted above for my anniversary and to grow in this band (I did very little live and mostly in studio in the past, so I am really freaked out just sayin’). THANKS KTVA !

Few Questions / concerns: I hear an hour a day – this is how I am approaching that hour, please advise if it is productive. I go thru Audio Studio workout 1-7 twice. Note - #’s 6 & 7 (Vowels and Sliders) are challenging so I isolate those and go back to watch Ken and Gabriela and also the lesson explanation and then go back and re-try. So, basically I am NOT straight singing for the hour as I am watching listening an then trying out. My plan is to stay with this for next two weeks or more if need be and then I will gather the nerve to send a video in to see if I can move on. I have not gotten to the main audio work out at all. Ok, feedback please ? Thanks so much -


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    @rachelj I just want to add, that Volume 1 is HUGE. There is so much just in that one volume, you will be on it for a very long time if you take the time to learn what it has to offer. You will know when it is time to move on. You can post and others with a lot of experience will help you, but just know that this course is huge and there is a ton of stuff to learn.
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    Start with baby steps, and as you grow in confidence and begin to also grow some stamina, increase your workouts to the extent that life allows you to do.
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    Will do - thanks.
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    Yes, we are all vulnerable here, but because of that we also have a certain protection for each other.

    You will get criticism, but it will be productive, and constructive.
    I've met people from all over the world here, and everybody has been very respectful (even when I sound terrible), and helpful with my journey thus far. (The moderators really know their stuff here so no question will go unanswered.)

    Just do the course as recommended, and don't rush through anything, and you should do fine. I've watched not only myself grow as a singer while I've been here, but I've seen many others go from just ok to pretty good in a short while.
    You're in good hands here.

    Enjoy the challenge.

    Peace, Tony
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    @rachelj ,

    I would actually be prepared to spend 4-8 months on Volume 1, as it is where almost all of the foundation is laid. To be honest,It can seem arduous, and even boring after month 4, but you have to keep your eye on the prize.

    It sounds like you have a very methodical approach to it already, so if I were to offer anything of value at this point, it would be, don't rush through volume 1, as Volume 2 will kick your a$$ if you're not absolutely ready for it.
    This is a safe place, and we're here to do our best to help you grow as a singer.
    Its kind of a pay-it-forward type of thing :smiley:

    PS - 47 is not old for a singer, may of us are in our 50's and beyond, and are still kicking butt :+1:


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    Thanks Phillip ! Question. Yes agreed re: Volume 1, specifically AEIOU - I think it is vowel modification (it is #6 of the 7 in the Divas starter exercise). Where do I post a specific question re: THAT exercise? Or any specific thing for that matter? I want to post in proper places.
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    Look at the column of blue CATEGORIES on the left side of the page. You'll see GETTING STARTED, and STUDENT DEMOS. That's a good place to start.

    You'll notice that the student areas of the forums are arranged roughly in the order of the course.

    So you'll find topics most relevant to Volume 1 of several varieties.

    Then it moves into topics relevant to Volume 2.

    Then 3

    Then 4

    Then 5

    So to begin with, you'll mostly be posting and reading posts in Volume 1. There is a ton of info in each section.

    Dig as deep as you can.

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    Thanks Tony and Bob. Will check out the areas you have mentioned.
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    Sorry Bob, one more question - re: uploading videos....how and where do we upload them? Is it also according to subject - so if I have question re: vowel modifications and want to post video WITH the question...does that go in Vol 1, vowel mod ??
  • I can save Bob some time, and answer that for you Rachel.

    First, the video has to have a host like youtube. If you want to just do audio you can use soundcloud.com. (I'm sure there are more sites to choose from) Then yes, you would post the link to your video/audio in the appropriate category here at the forum for review.

    You can't directly upload videos here at the forum.

    Another tip: Using youtube, you can change the privacy selection to "unlisted" so only the people here at the forum can watch it. (in case you don't want just anybody watching them.)

    Peace, Tony
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    If you are having a question about vowel mods, then that would be the best place to put a demo of you trying to do vowel mods, and so forth. There is a "New Student Demos" area in Volume 1 on the forums that is a good place if you just want general information, instead of a specific topic.
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    Ok thanks. So last question....maybe...is there a specific way it needs to be recorded. I have never uploaded such a thing.
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    I just saw your response Tony, thanks - Bob no need. I will 'investigate' the you tube thing. Yes, I DON'T want anyone watching just uploading for this purpose
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