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Which one is correct?

Hello! o:) I have been working on Volume 1 for a couple of weeks and I end up with the question. Which way of singing should I use\develop? Or combine them somehow? I don't know what to do with these two different approaches of singing these notes and need a piece of advice!

1) https://youtu.be/msWaqa-uwIc
This time when I sing I feel like sound just floating by itself. It does not take any effort (except I need to pull the tongue out of the back of the throat the higher up I go, but it is very easy and feels natural).

Unfortunately, as you can hear, the sound (when I reach the highest note) got lighter and there was no UH modification (or I just can't hear it) as Ken said in the videos.

2) https://youtu.be/ZqmjrqbBuHc
This time I can hear all modification and throat does not close when I go really high (for me as a high-baritone).
BUT it does not sound bright and it sounds quieter and moreover - afterwards I feel like my vocal cords are tired and I can't even speak normally.

And singing in the second way takes a lot of support of a diaphragm! Although, it does not help for now. To juxtapose - the first way (1) takes a little of support but sounds louder, brighter but lighter.

To summarize
- (1) easy to sing, feels natural, very loud and bright, throat closes up top and the higher up I go the more "childish" it sounds.
- (2) hard to sing, quiet and not bright, throat does not closes up top.

What exactly should I try/do next, or what to do with it?

Thank you in advance :)


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    In the second way, you are making the Ooh mod with your lips. You make the Ooh in the back of the throat, and keep the face in an AH.

    You are doing great with your throat and open-ness, but it looks a little too exaggerated. It's a great start, but relax a little bit, facially and internally in the throat. Be comfortable.

    Also, SMILE. You are more like straining your face. Smile, like as-in pleasant. Bare the upper teeth. But don't strain your face. Smile and keep the cheeks up and upper teeth bared, comfortably.

    In the first example, the tone is good up top, because you are paring down the tone as you go up. That's right. But you should also be doing modifications as you thin the tone and get higher.

    So you are doing some things right and other things a little incorrectly in both examples.

    Find a nice, comfortable balance and go for the best sound and comfort. Use your mods in the back of the throat. Pare down the girth as you go higher (little boy voice). Modify to get your chest voice up and over the high notes.

    Good work. Stay mindful. Keep going. Find relaxation and balance as you do this.
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