God Is a Woman

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@highmtn @videoace @Furious_Phil @bentk @HuduVudu @Gaston_Jauregui
Did some modern stuff.
Tell me what you think. Threw some whistle notes in there. I think those are whistle notes. If not please correct me lol.


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    From 0-:35 your voice sounds a little chesty, is it possible for you to mix more head to soften the sound? Not too soft you are very close but just a touch.

    @2:22 If that's you, you almost have it. Work it until feels natural. I can't even believe that you could hit those notes.

    Your very low parts are are bit too chesty once again try to soften them up just a touch.

    Overall that was awesome. I only wish I could sing like you :)
  • I liked the way you sing the lower notes. It added a nice richness to your voice that I've been waiting to hear. (you know I always tell you how thin your voice is)

    You can hit notes, and sing in pitch. I think you should work on tone.
    By that I mean working on different tones such as a warm rich tone, a bright sparkling tone, etc.....

    Also work on different types of vibrato, and tremolo
    Vibrato being the oscillation of pitch, and Tremolo being the oscillation of volume.
    (Whoever came up with the term tremolo bar for a guitar got it wrong lol. It's actually a vibrato bar just to clear up any confusion)

    Peace, Tony
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    Thanks for the feedback!
    Yes, I'll do it softer. I only did so I could showcase a more rich full deep sound I haven't really shown lol.
    Yes that's me doing the high notes. It's a little trick up my sleeve lol. I like practicing particularly high notes lol.
    I need to work on the runs though. I don't do many riffs and runs.

    And just keep on practicing. I still have lots to go lol!
    I want to see you post some stuff.

  • DiegoDiego Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,154
    Yes! Thanks for the feedback as always sir.
    Could you give me an example of those tones?

    Also, I love experimenting with vibrato it's like so fun to modify it.
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    @Diego it will be a while for me to post. My voice has utterly changed and I am in a nether world where the songs I knew and could do ok, I now can't. It is my head voice or more to the point lack thereof that is causing this. I feel so awkward in that I have better range in my chest voice than my head voice. It is so bad that I have to bridge to my head voice really early so that I can even get some range out of it. My mind just says, screw it just stay in your chest voice so you can get it done, but I know that at some point I am going to have to build it, so no time like the present. The strain of stretching my chest and building my head voice is causing me to have to be very careful not to push to far. My throat and body are sore everyday from practicing and for now I guess that is just the way it has to be. I don't even do any karaoke anymore for fear of pushing my voice over. I just want to get my head voice built so that I can move forward, but alas.

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  • If you listen to "Lady" by Kenny Rogers (boring I know) his vocal track on that song has a lot of texture to it.
    But you can go anywhere with textures. From Barry White to Rik Emmit from Triumph.
    Gritty sounding textures like Steve Marriot , Bob Seger. Throaty stuff like Bon Scott. Just playing with different textures of tone.

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