Hotline - Black Sabbath - cover

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    Your voice is really hard to hear. Is there anyway for you to work the mix after the fact to make your voice more prominent?
  • @Alvis Whats up my friend. Your voice has improved since the last video I saw. (the challenge I think it was) but my man HuduVudu is right. It's difficult to hear your voice fully. Maybe direct the mic more towards your vocal sound, and more away from the bass guitar. (the bass is dominating everything)

    You guys getting any groupies yet? ha ha

    Peace, Tony
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    @HuduVudu @videoace Thank you for the feedback. My apologies for the poor sound. I used the laptop (the one in the reflection) to record, and our bassist does have a tendency to crank it up all the way...

    Hey Tony, we're definitely working on getting some groupies lol Thanks for the props, tho! Yes, I think the last video you saw of me singing was the challenge vid.
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