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Hey everybody thought I'd leave an introduction. Names Johnny Im 29 and just got to week five doing the program. Starting the main workouts as of today. I've been a musician most my life in and out of bands. My last band I started doing Jamie Venderas Raise your voice program after feeling defeated and just exhausting my voice night after night year after year. It honestly was pretty good and helped me a lot at the time but its been a few years off and now that I'm getting back into it seems a little dated and not involved enough.

I recently moved from New Jersey to the Tampa area where I have no connections I was looking and looking for a vocal coach but couldn't find anyone I trusted. Youtube led me to here. I saw a lot of similar things from raise your voice but with a lot more interaction so I'm giving this a shot. So far I feel pretty good I already feel some more endurance singing all the way through songs. Ive always half assed vocal practice and this time I am 100% committed. So much so I am posting here to hold myself accountable. I really want to prove that I can sing well I am mentally exhausted from the constant setbacks.

Anyway, enough of my sob story I look forward to making some friends and posting some update videos eventually here and there to get critiqued. Ill be posting around because Im already confused on some of the practice structure so I apologize in advance for posting in the wrong thread or asking questions people have already asked. Ill do my best to search the forums before asking. Haha Thanks!


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    Sounds like you are off to a great start!
    I won't kid you, this course is tough, and is allot of work... but if you stick to it, you will be very different within a year's time. It doesn't really end there though, as you voice will continue to mature over time, and this course material will help keep it in peak form for the rest of you life :+1:
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    Welcome to KTVA!

    As Phil said, it's a lot of work and tough. Persistence and patience is needed. Try to really focus on your exercises, you want quality exercise. If you ever need help, i really recommend asking for it here in the forum. People here can really give you great advice, or point you to the information you need. It sure did help me.

    All the best,

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    I did Jaime's course, as well as several others before I found Ken's videos. You will find that you keep making it through milestones and breaking through, the longer you actually do Ken's workouts. It's up to you whether it's worth it to you to do the work to grow your voice... But these workouts will do it for you. Don't overdo it, but stay with it. I mean over the years, your voice will just keep on developing. You'll see. Ken's course works. I was still looking until I found KTVA.

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    Hi Johnny good luck to you, I know we have landed in a great course! Watch Ken's webnairs I got a whole lot out of them. He needs to raise his prices for the course he is a master of what he does. I love how he is very detailed about explaining and showing what we need to do to become better singers.
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    This course would be worth every penny if Ken charged $2000.00 for it. It's a life-changer.
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    Amen Brother, I feel Ken has given me a big gift in life, "his knowledge" I just need to work hard and apply what he says, and it looks like with help from you guiding me the sky is the limit!

    I plan to become a great singer and sing my way all the way to Heaven :) This is my last want in life, to be able to sing. My goal is to go to rest homes and perform oldie songs.
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    @Roxy I have only done that a few times recently, but it was incredibly rewarding... and their senses of humour were amazing :smiley:
  • RoxyRoxy 2.0 PRO Posts: 107
    That is what I think would be the greatest feeling of "giving" go for the reward!
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