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Hello! My name is Miquan, I am 26 years old and I sing r&b soul and pop and I am trying to stretch my repertoire of music into the rock side. I'm looking to front my own band so that I can travel and get paid to sing. I have been singing since the age of 9. Here is my issue. I have been suffering from vocal damage for quite some time now. I'm pretty sure it's either nodules or polyps. My tone is EXTREMELY breathy and my voice becomes fatigued after a short period time of singing or warming up. It feels like my voice is much thicker, breathier and it affects how I speak. Some days my voice feels fine but most of the time it's not. The morning seems to be the best time for me vocally and then my abilities start to wane throughout the day. I spent years ruining my voice trying to emulate Michael Jackson's voice distortion. I've been vegetarian for almost 3 years and I only drink water (room temperature). Also I recently bought the 2.0 course. Will the exercises help me with my vocal issues? What's some advice or exercises to help repair my condition? I would really appreciate it!


  • First, you need to contact the KTVA support team, and get your status changed from member to student.

    Have you gone to see an ENT Dr.? and what did he/she say?
    If you haven't gone, that would be my first recommendation for your vocal health.

    Peace, Tony
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    What Videoace said. Seriously.
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    Vocal nodules aren't the end of the world. (Search Ken's YouTube videos, as he did one on this exact subject)

    I will use myself as an example:
    My voice was in a very similar state to what you described.
    It was caused by trying to sing like David Lee Roth and Bonn Scott, full voice through an under-powered PA system. I'd get maybe 3-4 songs in before I was starting to get hoarse, so I'd coat with Kaluha and finish the set... the end result of this stupidity was that I blew out my voice from the lower 4th octave up, and lost allot of my lower range as well... In this state, even talking for long periods made me hoarse. This condition stayed the same for the better part of 20 years.

    Progress overview:
    Starting the KTVA training was a difficult road, as it really made me work super hard to rebuild the non-existent foundation.
    By month 6 I had the 4th octave back and a bit of the 5th.
    By month 12 I was hitting D5 (a little bit flutey, but I was hitting it cleanly)
    By Month 18 and I was up to F#5 (G5 on a good day) and had people commenting on my singing

    I did discover that several of the training exercises from Volume 1 were very similar to what top notch vocal rehab specialists use to help their patients.

    Present day:
    I can sing all day without fatigue, I can go from clean to smokey at will, and yelling for my teenagers to stop playing video games and come down for supper does not make me hoarse :wink:

    So yeah, you can pretty much consider it physio for your voice :+1:
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    Yup, I figured I had all but destroyed my voice.
    A simple bit of shouting at an event and my voice would be offline for days.
    I'll never be vocally clean enough to be in a Catholic choir, but I have settled it into a natural cool light-smoke with extended range.
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    I feel like I have something going on with my throat. I had a ton of tonsil stones and have gotten rid of all but maybe one. I am not sure what is irritating my throat, and I did go to an ENT. He didn't say that I had nodules, but I didn't specifically ask, he just did the open AHHH thing. He feebly tried to get the stones I had out because I asked, but failed pretty miserably. I feel like I have a piece of gravel stuck in my throat and it is more apparent on the higher notes (maybe because I strain on them), and it is driving my batty.

    Can you feel your nodules?

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