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Hello singing fellows!

I am from Brazil (Country of the Beaches, Asses and Soccer ) and after practicing for about 2 months I am working on Volume 2 right now.

I watched all the ken lessons several times and I am trying to keep it in mind when I am making the exercices.

The challenge now is to apply the technique into actual singing!!

In order to do that I chose a song that I tried to sing once and everyone said it was horrible, so I tought Bon Jovi was not made for me! hahahahah

After my hard training I started to practice this song yesterday and recorded this video yesterday using my cellphone.

Please do not consider I imitating the begining of the clip or I speaking portuguese. heheheh

See the link below:


I know that I really can improve my pitch, range, english and so on. hahahahah

But I am open to criticism and I hope it can help other guys as well.

Thanks a lot!



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    Good Job, overall!  Your pitch drifted in 3 places: at 1:11, 1:18, and 1:26.  Otherwise your pitch was very good.  It's a little breathy, but the breathiness actually fits the song, so that's really OK!

    Your English sounds good to me, so don't apologize about that, you're doing a good job!

    I like the sound of your voice, and I think you are coming along fine.  If you want to know what to work on, we all need to strengthen our support and just about everybody can stand to brighten up the tone.  It does look like you are doing a good job of maintaining an open throat and a static jaw position, so congratulations on what you have accomplished so far!

    Keep up the good work, and keep putting up demos from time to time so we will know how you are doing!


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    Hey Victor, great job. I agree with Bob that you may be using too much air which adds a little breathiness to the tone. It works in the verses, but in the chorus you really have to cut back the air and go for a clean bright chest tone. Really bear down and dig in with your support on the chorus. The first note of the chorus is within your call register the G4 which is the belting or almost shouting area for this type of song.  this requires a lot of effort from the diaphragm.  Keep the throat open and focus on keeping the Ah vowel throughout the "I". Use tons of support and keep the vowel wide open. This will help. All the best.
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    Thanks a lot Guys! your suggestion are really helping me.
    I will keep putting up demos from time to time...
    thanks a lot for your support!  =)

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