Hello from NYC

I am a trained jazz saxophone player and used to play professionally right out of college, but settled down and got into the software business in NYC about 25 years ago. I compose on a regular basis (my primary Saturday morning activity) and still do some gigs on evenings and weekends, but don't rely on my music for income which frees me up to write/play what I am interested in.

My wife and I are expecting a surprise baby in December after 18 years and it has motivated me to get my vocal chops together to not only for my weekend warrior gigs, but to also teach and share my love of music with my new daughter (Sophia Arabella) and provide her what I wished I had when I was growing up.

I sang a bit in high school and college and took some lessons here and there, but always struggled with my voice and never really dug in and pursued honing it as a skill. I have been shedding for about a week on Ken's material and realized my mental model for the mechanics of singing has been way off (fubar, to be precise), to the point where I am still focusing on unlearning what I was doing before and now just trying to match Ken's video instructions on the "It's the la" vowel while keeping my tone/timbre consistent before moving on. I found that recording myself for a quick feedback loop has been invaluable (and a little humbling).

I'm looking forward to this journey and feel what I have accomplished in a week already surpasses the other approaches I have used when studying.


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